Clients – Testimonials

Clients Talking
Clients Talking
Corporate Composite Photo
Corporate Composite Photo

“The video you made for us exceeded all of our expectations!”
Rick Hazen – Andersen Consulting, Phoenix, AZ

“Lynn and I recommend Spectra Video for anyone working in Las Vegas.”
Diane Klein – Kleinmedia, Akron, OH
Lynn Huler – APCOA, Cleveland, OH

“Thank you for the wonderful job on our behalf.”
Stanton V. Abrams – President, Senior Tours Players, Inc., Boston, MA

Trade Show - Las Vegas Convention Center
Trade Show – Las Vegas Convention Center

“Thank you for the great job you did filming A Sulich Celebration.
Vassili Sulich – Artistic Director, Nevada Dance Theatre, Las Vegas, NV

“Thank you…I couldn’t do it without you!”
Diane McAdam – Director, Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas, NV

“Just a note to personally thank you for all your effort in helping make Good Day McDonald’s
a huge success.”
Ken Nelson – Executive Producer – Good Day McDonald’s, Elk Grove Village, IL

People at Convention
Attendees at the Las Vegas Convention Center