Special Effects

UN PSA Final Composite
UN PSA Final Composite

By using Blackmagic’s Fusion node based compositing program we are able to do very complicated special effects that would be extremely difficult or impossible to do with only After Effects.

The top shot is a storyboard for a very complicated FX shot we did for the United Nations. We needed to shoot two actors on a 40′ 3D clock showing the clock gears. The shot starts out showing the two actors sitting on the clock face and then the camera moves down revealing the clock gears underneath them.

The middle shot shows the green screen shot we created. We used a jibarm to create the motion and then did a 3D track of the green screen shot and feed that data into 3D Studio Max.

The clock face and gears were created in 3D Studio Max and the 3D tracking was generated using Syntheyes.  The “X’s” in the green screen shot are tracking markers for Syntheyes. In the bottom picture is a final composite using Fusion. You can view the final moving shot on our PSA Demo Reel.

If you have a commercial or video that needs some special effects shots please call us to discuss it before you shoot it. Shooting a special effects shot correctly can save a lot of money in post. We know. We have had to fix some shots that were incorrectly shot and the price was five times the price of a correctly done shot.